TacoBoy introduces a collection of Fresh Juice-waters known as Aguas Frescas under the brand DİMES see and try the collection

  • 1Liter Lemonade with mint

DİMES Natural made Lemonade with mint

We combine the perfect harmony of sweet and sour, and bottle that natural and additive-free summer taste for you. We make DİMES Lemonade by squeezing beautiful lemons to refresh in the long summer days, to daydream with the unique taste that reminds you of the heat of the sun during winter months or to overcome the transition of seasons. We process the high quality and delicious lemons which are grown in the fertile soils of Anatolia and carefully picked by us, within 24 hours and preserve them as DİMES Lemonade. 
We produce DİMES Lemonade without adding any preservatives to give you the taste of homemade lemonades finally on this version with a hint of fresh mint.

1 liter

1 Litro Limonada con menta DIMES

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