Gluten fri autentisk mexicansk nixtamaliseret majsmel til tortilla, sopes, tamales, atole.

20 kilo

Oprindeligt land: Mexico.

Nixtamal Masa Naturelo


The Origin of Naturelo, the first ... and still today the only sustainable one in the world!

A flour made with the best quality, 100% natural, Non GMO whole corn, processed without preservatives or additives and with the best flavor and aroma.

It is ideal for making sopes, tortillas, tamales, gorditas etc., with that authentic flavor of old Mexico. On baked tostadas the taste is outstanding.

Our flour has fewer calories and on average 50% more dietary fiber than the other flours on the market (study conducted by the CINVESTAV campus Querétaro)

We know that a handmade tortilla from start to finish, with native corn, planted and harvested by Mexican hands with hundreds of years of tradition is unsurpassed, but thanks to our patented technology the products and tortillas made with our flour are the next best thing with authentic and traditional flavor and texture since we preserve the flavor, aromas and nutrients of our corn better than any other flour.

20 Kilo Naturelo Nixtamal Mel White

Varenr.: 20 kilo Naturelo blanca
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