TACOBOY presents 3 great & real mexican dishes in a frozen version with 500g vacuum packages, really convenience and easy to re-heat on a pan or in the mircowave oven. After reheating prepare at home 12 Sopes (10cm) & 20 Tacos 15cm and garnish with fine chopped tomatoes, onions, lime juice and your preferred salsa! Serve with rice and a home made salad if you wish (not included). We include: Pulled meat, Refried Beans, Salsa, Tortillas, Sopes, Salsa & Lime. CHOOSE YOUR PULLED MEAT: Sudero with the real mexican Street Taste! Cochinita Pobil with Achiote Tinga de Pollo con Chipotle We ship your ready meal inside a thermo box with frozen elements, our products leaves from our shop frozen. You will receive your ready meal box 24 hours after your order is confirmed at our webshop. At the moment you receive your Ready Meal Box, the product will be in defreezing process and you should keep it in the fridge no longer than 3 days and use it as soon as possible, not longer than 3 days after you received it. Do Not Re-freeze again!. In this Ready Meal Kit you will recive: 12 Sopes (500g) / Picaditas (corn nixtamal) 20 Tortillas (15cm) 500g 500g Meat Choose Flavour: Suadero, Cochinita Pibil, Tinga de Pollo 500g Salsa Choose Flavour: Verde Tomatillo, Ranchera, Chipotle 380g Refried Beans in a fra La Sierra choose Black or Bayos 1 lime HOW TO REHEAT YOUR MEET: Take the meet outside the bag and put it into a Pan with some oil if you will reheat on the stove. Or take it out and put it into a plate that fits your microwave oven if you will reheat in the microwave oven. Reheat the meet in a pan with oil, add 1 dl water while reheating, reach a temperature of 85º C. Move constantly in order to achieve a pulled meat consistence. You can also use the microwave oven and reheatl at high temperature for 5 minutes or the time necesary to achieve a 85º over all. Take it out in order to pulled the meat out. Keep your pulled meat ready to serve in a ceramic bowl in order to keep the meat warm. HOW TO REHEAT YOUR REFRIED BEANS? You will use a deep pan or caserola, with some oil, a pinch of salt and perhaps a bit of garlic if you like garlic and salt taste on beans. Open your Refried beans can and put its content inside your pan with oil. While reheating stir with a spoon, add 1/2 dl milk or water if they turn dry, salt and garlic if your like a more intense flavour. Garnish and fresh chopped koriander or tomatoes (not included). HOW TO REHEAT YOUR SOPES / PICADITAS And SERVE Turn your oven on at 200ºC Take the sopes out of the bag and place them in a flat surface prepared with baking paper Put them inside the oven for about 10 minutes Take them out after and prepare your . Fll your sopes with a lay of refried beans, then your meet, and garnish with feta cheese, chopped tomatoes, fine chopped green salad & koriander, and top with salsa. Serve with refried beans or home made rice. HOW TO REHEAT YOUR TORTILLAS AND PREPARE TACOS? On a preheated pan at high temperature (180ºC) Take the tortillas out of the bag and place them with at least 1 cm space between them on a flat pre-heated pan for 1 minute each side until they turn soft and warm again. Take them out of the pan and add a bit og refried beans, pulled meat, and salsa Garnish with fine chopped tomatoes, salat (not included) & your salsa. Serve with refried beans or rice (not included) if you feel like it. PLEASE SEND US YOUR CHOICE OF SALSA, REFRIED BEANS BY WRITING AT THE PERSONAL WISHES FIELD. YOU ARE ALSO WELCOME TO CALL AND ORDER BY THE PHONE AT 26 27 47 88. Or by email: dk@tacoboy.shop

12 Sopes & 20 Tacos Ready Meal

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