If you love to prepare your own guacamole at home but you are tired of not finding ready to eat avocadoes , then this might be a great offer for you!


At TacoBoy.Shop we are guacamole eaters on a daily basis! we buy and sell the best ready to eat avocadoes imported directly from Mexico to many resturants and to friends online!.


Our avocadoes goes through a 3 times selection process before we send them to the final customer, that is why we could warantee that you will receive them ready to eat 99% for sure!


Of course mother nature has its own rules, so in case of you find a not ready to be eating avocado in your order, please take a picture, and send it to us in order to qualify you for a fully warranty recover.


Otherwhise we are including you in this packge:

  • 3 beautifull avocado hass imported from Mexico and manually selected for you to enjoy within 3-5 days.
  • 1 fresh lime imported from mexico with a lots of juice to be squized on your guacamole
  • A hint of fresh green coriander (cilantro) for garnish.
  • With this kit you will be able to prepare 350-360 guacamole, a great individual meal or perfect for sharing with a friend.


Make your own Guacamole! - we include it all!

Varenr.: IngredientsforGuacamole
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