For those who knows what real mexican Tostadas taste like, we have made this combo to be enjoyed with 4-5 people, perhaps more if you dare to share!



  • 1 Kilo Tinga de Pollo al Chipotle (Chipotle pulled-chicken)
  • 35 tostadas nixtamal
  • 4 Jarritos Mexican Soda choose between: PineApple, Grape or Mandarin only serve with ice or chilled!
  • 1 Salsa Guacamole Herdez 240g
  • 1 Salsa Chipotle Herdez 210g
  • 500G Frijoles Negros Reheat and Spread as the first layer of your tostadas.
  • 3 ready to eat avocado for garnishing on top of your tostadas
  • 2 fresh mexican limes for garnish / squeze the juice on top of your tostadas!
  • 100g fresh cilantro (chop it at home with your cebolla blanca)
  • 200g Cebolla blanca (chop at home with your cilantro)
  • 1.- Bake or frie your tostadas. 2.- Reheat your tinga de pollo al chipotle, refrie your beans, keep them warm.  3.- Build your tostadas in the following way: spread first a layer of refried beans on a tostada, then a generous portion of tinga de pollo,  garnish with a slice avocado, cilantro & cebolla, squeeze lime juice on the top. Add Salsa.

Enjoy! buen provecho!!


Tostadas con Tinga de Pollo al Chipotle 4-5 friends

Varenr.: Tinga de Pollo Tacos
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    juan de dios

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